What is Nadi Dosha and How to remove it Completely?

In the Hindu religion, matching the Kundli for the marriage is very common. Some planetary positions indicate the Nadi of the couple. Nadi matching is a good thing, and by checking the Nadi, one can have beautiful results. One should stay alert and make sure that most of the Nadi match perfectly for the partners’ happy married life. With the help of the horoscope, checking one can find out the NADI dosha, which means that two proposed partners belong to the same Nadi, and this marriage may hurt the partners. Here is the complete detail what is Nadi Dosha? How to remove it?

Seeking the perfect match with Nadi

Vedic astrology transparently describes the Nadi according to which eight broad aspects are there to look in the horoscope. These are also known by the Hindi name “Kostas.” In the perfect matching, such elements should be matching in the straightforward sense to avoid any complications later in the marriage. With the help of the right match, one can expect to have a wonderful life and prevent any difficulty. After knowing what is Nadi Dosha? How to Remove it? You can eliminate many problems of the life.

Horoscope matching with 36 points

Next, you will find that 8 Kostas of the horoscope represents the value of the 36 points, which are popularly known as the Gunas. You will discover that Nadi kootas are the eight points out of these 36 points, which must perfectly match the extraordinary life. There is great importance, and it is said that these 36 points must match at any cost for a good and happy life. One should stay confirmed about reaching the “koot Milan” to ensure no complication in such marriage. Individuals who know What is Nadi Dosha? How to Remove it? Always prefer to match 36 points with a minimum score of 18 or more points matching.

Need of horoscope matching

Everyone is unique and born under the influence of some planets, which have a significant impact on a person’s mind, body, and strength. Therefore, by matching the Kundli or horoscope, one can confirm the extraordinary life after marriage. During the matching of the Kundli, one can expect to have an excellent matching with the various aspects of life, which include the mental, physical, and financial compatibilities of the partners. What is Nadi Dosha? How to Remove it? to find out right answer one should study the horoscope of both.

Idea Nadi matching

One should know that Nadi of both the partners should be different. In simple words, the nadi of the husband should be further from the Nadi of the wise. Only with the proper Nadi matching can one expect to have a perfect life. Many astrological effects and factors will be working in this context. With the matching of the birth charts of the two partners, one can perform analysis about such things and make stable progress. After knowing What is Nadi Dosha? How to Remove it? one should always give preference to match the Nadi.

Remove Nadi Dosha

In the astrological remedies of Nadi Dosha, one can wear the gemstones after studying the birth chart of both partners. The next thing is taking the medications of the Astrology Yantra. With the correct wearing of the Yantra, one can undoubtedly make a big difference and bring the right results. One can also wear the “Sampurna Vivha Sukha Yantra”.  The following remedy can be chanting the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra a particular number of times to eliminate negative impacts. Nadi Nivarana Puja is the next important thing that one should take into account. What is Nadi Dosha? How to Remove it? study must focus on these remedies to get the right solution.