How to Perform Vashikaran: A Detailed Guide

Vashikaran is an ancient practice from India, primarily rooted in Hindu traditions. It involves the use of specific mantras, rituals, and yantras to attract, influence, or control the thoughts or actions of another person. If you are considering vashikaran to solve love problems or improve relationships, it is important to perform it with a deep sense of respect and responsibility. Here is a detailed guide on how to perform vashikaran.

Understanding Vashikaran

Vashikaran Mantras: These are powerful mantras cast to evoke certain energies and intentions. Each mantra has a specific purpose and method of use.

Yantras: Mystical diagrams used in conjunction with mantras to focus and enhance the power of rituals.

Rituals: Specific actions performed during the chanting of mantras and the use of yantras to harness cosmic energies.

Preparations before performing Vashikaran

Set clear intentions: Understand why you want to perform Vashikaran. Make sure your intentions are pure and do not harm anyone involved.

Choose the right time: Vashikaran rituals are often more effective when performed at specific times, such as during auspicious astrological alignments or on special days of the lunar calendar.

Find a sacred place: Create a quiet, clean and peaceful environment where no one will disturb you.

Gather materials: Depending on the ritual, you may need candles, incense, flowers, a specific yantra and offerings such as fruit or sweets. Performing Vashikaran: Step-by-step guide

Select the appropriate mantra: Research and choose a mantra that aligns with your goal. For example, the charm mantra for attraction or the Mohini mantra for love and affection.

Prepare the yantra: If your ritual requires a yantra, prepare it according to traditional guidelines. This may include drawing a yantra on a piece of paper or using a pre-made metal yantra.

Cleanse yourself: Take a bath and wear clean, preferably white clothes. This symbolizes purity and readiness to perform the ritual.

Set up the altar: Place the yantra, candles, incense, flowers and other ritual objects on the altar. Make sure everything is placed in a respectful and orderly manner.

Invoke the deities: Light the candles and incense. Pray to receive the blessings of the deities associated with vashikaran, such as Kamadeva (the god of love) and Parvati (the goddess of love and devotion).

Chant the mantra: Sit comfortably in front of the altar. Focus on your intention and begin chanting the vashikaran mantra. It is often advisable to chant the mantra a certain number of times, such as 108, using mala (prayer beads) to keep count.

Visualize the desired result: As you chant, clearly visualize the desired result in your mind. Visualize the person you want to influence and imagine them responding positively to your intentions.

Pray and express gratitude: After completing the chanting, express gratitude to the deities and cosmic energies you invoked. Thank them for their help and guidance.

Dispose of the offerings: Depending on the ritual, you may need to dispose of the offerings in a natural source of water or under a tree. Be sure to follow traditional guidelines for disposal.

Vashikaran Upay: शत्रुओं को वश में कैसे करें? जानें यह कुशल उपाय

After the ritual

Maintain positive intentions: Continue to focus on positive and loving thoughts towards the person and the situation.

Be patient: Vashikaran is believed to work over time. Be patient and allow the energies to naturally manifest the desired results.

Ethical considerations: Always consider the ethical implications of your actions. Avoid using vashikaran to manipulate or harm others. Try to increase love and harmony in your relationships.


Performing vashikaran is a serious spiritual practice that requires careful preparation, clear intentions, and ethical awareness. Although it can be a powerful tool for solving love problems and improving relationships, it must be done with respect and responsibility. If you are unsure or uncomfortable doing vashikaran on your own, consider seeking guidance from an experienced and knowledgeable vashikaran specialist