What is Pitra Dosha? – Online Pitra Dosh Remedies for Marriage

Pitra dosha is a particular condition of the planets in the birth chart of a person. He must be suffering from several realistic problems in life. Therefore, one should be careful when there is a pitra dosha in the horoscope. One should stay alert and seek astrological remedies to bring down the ill effects of such dosha in the Kundli. However, it is necessary to know that when pitra dosha occurs in the Kundli and remedies to reduce the impact of the pitra dosha in life. Today we are going to discuss What is Pitra Dosha? – Pitra Dosh Remedies for Marriage.

Study of The Planetary Chart in The Horoscope

One should study the planetary chart in the horoscope and find out the actual condition of the Pitra dosha. However, there are some particular conditions by which you can easily find out that you have the Pitra dosha in the Kundli or horoscope. The ninth house of the natal chart is responsible for the pitra or the forefathers. By studying the condition of this particular house, one can tell the proper remedies. Some standard requirements in the 9th house will let you know that your Kundli is going through the pitra dosha. 

Horoscope and 9th House

In the 9th house of the horoscope, one should look at the presence of the Rahu or Ketu. If there is a presence or conjunction of Rahu or Ketu in the ninth house, the person will suffer from the pitra dosha. What is Pitra Dosha? – Pitra Dosh Remedies for Marriage can be seen from the 9th house of the horoscope.

In the following condition, the person will have some other conditions related to Sun and or Jupiter. If anyone or both the planets are connected with Rahu or Ketu, it will create the situation of the Pitra dosha in the Kundli. The intensity of the dosha can be different in some cases. 

Sun and Rahu or sun and Shani can make a conjunction in the birth chart of the native. If sun conjunction exists in the first, second, fourth, seventh, ninth, or tenth house, the person will have the pitra dosha in the Kundli. Therefore, one should be careful in this context and ensure that they get the astrological remedies done as per the professional astrologer to seek the right results in life. 

Pitra Dosh Remedies for Marriage

A person who is suffering from Pitra dosha may face severe problems in life. These problems can be related to marriage as well. Therefore, seeking the proper remedies at the right time is necessary. One should be careful in this context and ensure that they are getting the treatments from the trusted astrologer only. With the help of suitable astrological remedies, one can come with a creative solution and make everything work in the proper context. What is Pitra Dosha? – Pitra Dosh Remedies for Marriage is the necessary question that one must ask from the astrologer.

Magical Remedies in Astrology for “Pitra Dosha Shanti.”

Pind Daan: Pind Daan is the most trusted remedy to bring down the impact of the Pitra Dosha in the Kundli. The native with the pitra dosha must perform pind daan process on the date when the ancestors left their moral bodies and started the journey to heaven. The native should feed the Brahamin and poor people on every Amavasya. He must also give water to banyan tree. 

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