Here are some positive tips to Vashikaran someone, which you can get positive results by doing vashikaran on someone.

  1. Hanuman Vashikaran Mantra Jaap: Hanuman Mantra is the best mantra to chant a person in his control. Hanuman Mantra is one of the strongest mantras, the mantra to be chanted is given below. ” Om Jai Jai Bajrang Bali ||
  2. Lemon Vashikaran Totka: If you want to subdue someone, then you can take the remedy of Lemon Vashikaran Totka. For this, take a lemon and after that write the name on that lemon which you want to do in your control. And bury that lemon in the ground somewhere. And after a few days you will get the result.
  3. Vashikaran by name: It is also very easy to do vashikaran by name, the name of the person should be known for vashikaran by name. Then you can do name vashikaran. Just take a white paper and then write that person’s name on it with a red pen. After that he will be completely under you
  4. Kali Mantra: Kali Vashikaran Mantra is also a very powerful mantra to control someone. You can be able to solve your problem by chanting this mantra. To chant Kali Mantra, chant the following mantras. Om Kali Kapalini Bhatt Bhatt Swaha ||
  5. Durga Mantra: You can control the person by chanting Durga Mantra. Then that person will act according to you. Durga Mantra is also one of the very powerful mantra. Durga Mantra is given below for you to chant. Om Jay Ambe Jay Jagdambe Kuru-Kuru Swaha ||
  6. Vashikaran by Photo Mantra: If you want to control a person, then you can use Vashikaran by Photo Mantra, you must have the photo of that person to do the captivity. Vashikaran Photo Mantra is also called Vashikaran Photo Totke.
  7. Krishna Mantra: One can chant Krishna Mantra to vashikaran someone. By chanting Krishna Mantra, that person will work completely according to you and will obey everything you say. To chant Krishna mantra, you can chant the following mantra || Om Krishnaye Vasudevaya Namah Namah ||
  8. Simple Vashikaran Mantra: It also comes in the Vashikaran mantra, one can use simple vashikaran to control and any person can control the person as per his wish, in this also the mantra is chanted. , Om Hreem Kalim Shree Vashyam Bhatt Bhatt Swaha ||

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