Surya vashikaran mantra used to solve married and life problems

In Hindu mythology, Lord Surya is the supreme god who defeated the demons of darkness with his magnificent power and brightened the entire world with new hope. Lord Surya is the source of all creatures, and because of him, life on earth is still sustained. He is also call by many other names, including Aditya, Vivasvan, Bhaskara, and Ravi. The Surya Vashikaran mantra is a way to connect to Lord Surya and gain the blessings of the supreme.


||Namah Suraya Shantay SavarogaNivaarine ||

||Ayu rarogyaMaisvairyamdehidevahjagatpate||  

Who can and when recite Surya Vashikaran Mantra?

  • Regardless of any gender and age group, anyone can chant this mantra to gain the blessing of the lord.
  • You can start reciting these powerful mantras on a Shukla Paksha Sunday, Makara Sankranti, or Ratha Saptami day.
  • It will be good to chant the Surya mantra regularly or chant it on Sundays or Saptami tithi.
  • The best time to verse the Surya mantra is during the “Brahma Mahurat.” Brahma Muhurta means it is a period one and a half hours before sunrise.
  • This mantra is potent and prosperous, and reciting this mantra helps us eradicate all diseases and provides physical and mental strength. 

How to chant the mantras of Lord Surya?

Surya vashikaran mantras are easy to chant. Before uttering the mantra, one should bathe in Braham muhurta. Either you can use a photo or directly look at the sun; you can recite it.

One can use Japa mala or red coral for chanting. Red color flowers are the favorite flowers of Lord Surya, so that you can offer any red-colored flowers. Any sweet dish can be provided while worshipping. You can recite the Surya mantra anytime based on your comfort. One should pronounce the mantras correctly to get practical and the best results.

Benefits of Surya mantra

Chanting the surya vashikaran mantra helps you to connect with Lord Surya. He bestows upon a long life by energizing your body and enhancing your well-being at the physical and mental levels. The Surya vashikaran mantra strengthens your body and grants you wisdom and intelligence to achieve success in all endeavors. It cures all your diseases and improves your vision as well. This mantra helps you to attain peace and happiness by developing the attributes of patience and fearlessness. 

Surya mantra for marriage

Surya mantra can also be use for marriage and provide maximum benefits to you. The mantra should be chant early morning, looking at the rising sun. The person chanting the mantra should wear orange color leaves. Water along with Tulsi leaves should be offer to the sun before beginning the mantra. The mantra should be chanted 108 times for 41 days continuously. 

Vashikaran works in how many days?

Surya Vashikaran Mantra must be performed by professional specialists who are known in this field and experienced. The Surya vashikaran could take one day to 4-5 days to show results. Thus one must have to be careful while using this. Vashikaran procedure must be done very carefully.