Vashikaran Mantra for Love in Hindi [ वशीकरण के आसान मंत्र ]

Why use Vashikaran Mantras in Hindi

Sages and Saints who practised Tantras and Mantras also chanted Vashikaran mantras for controlling loved ones.  The most common Vashikaran mantras include Mohini Vashikaran Mantra and Kamdev Vashikaran. Vashikaran mantras are chanted for love that cements relationship between husband and wife. Mantras make the chanter attractive and draws individual to him/her. Vashikaran mantra resolves one sides love such that the partner returns forever. Here we have discussed Vashikaran in Hindi.

Today, astrologists who suggest the suitable mantras provide Hindi version to those who speak the language.

Samples of Vashikaran Mantras in Hindi (Used Latin script)

  • Mantra for attracting the opposite gender

“Om namoh bhagwate kamdevay yasya yasya dashyo bhavami
Yasach yasach mam much paschyati tat a mohyatu swaha”

When interested in attracting the opposite gender, daily chant the mantra for 1008 times.

  • Mantra for happy marriage

“Om Asy sri sundrimantra swarth varn Risi iti swhipas swaha”

Wives desiring a happy, prosperous marriage should chant the above mantra 108 times every day.

  • To get the love from a man

“Om Hreen Kreem Amukam akarshay vashyam kuru kuru swaha”

On an auspicious day, make a paste with Kumkum, Sandalwood, Kesar and Neem leaves. Make “upar gude” on a plate used for eating. Using “Khadsopchar vidhi”, worship the “upar gude” by adding pure ghee and chanting the mantra. , make a “gugul ka dhoop” for using ghee and flowers for 110 “ahuti”. Think of the couple while worshipping.

  • To get the love from a lady

“Om Hrim Namah”
“Om Chem Hrim Hrim aam ham swaha”

Wear red coloured clothes and red coloured garland around your neck. While mediating and thinking of your desired lady, chant either of the mantras. You have to chant the mantra of your choice for 1000 times in one week.

“Om Bhra Bhra Bhu Bhairav Swaha, Om Bhan Bhan Bhan Amuk Mohnaya swaha”

Chant the mantra for seven times. Using a Peepal leaf, write her name you wish to Vashikaran or control. Deposit the Peepal leaf in her resident.

“Kalu muh dhodar karu salam mere nan
Surma base jo nirkhe so payen pade
Gosul aajam dastgir ki duhai”

On Friday, use each of the 125000 wheat-grains to chant the above mantra and blow on it. Use half of the above wheat grains to make wheat flour halwa. Offer as bhog to Gausal Aajam and eat a bit as Prasad. Thereafter, chant the mantra 7 times and use it as surma to decorate your eyes. Whoever looks at you would fall in love with you.


We conclude that the Vashikaran Mantras in Hindi can be understood easily by those knowing Hindi. Thus, they can get complete benefit using the powerful Vashikaran mantras.