Online Vashikaran Totke for doing Powerful Vashikaran Easily

Unsatisfied people turn to online Vashikaran ke totke to achieve their dreams. They are unhappy because their life-partner is acting negatively towards them or has left for another. Vashikaran is known to influence the mind of the interested person. However, these mantras work temporarily when the desired one returns to you. Ensure you truly love the individual and you would always keep the person happy. If so, then use the Vashikaran ke totke discussed to make your love relationship permanent.

Vashikaran ke Totke

You may subdue man, woman, girl or boy who is your enemies as follows:

To overcome enemy

  • On Saturdays, use Pushy Nakshatra on a Bhoj Plate. Using the enemy’s name, drown it in the honey from red sandalwood. Your enemy would be under your control as long as the banquet is in honey.

To subdue the woman you desire

  • Chant the woman’s name 108 times while worshiping the Karveer (kaner) with flowers and cow dung. This should be practised daily and within 7 days the chanter would achieve the desired results.
  • To subdue the woman: Collect the dust from the dhobi’s feet on Pushya Nakshatra. Place the dust on the head of any beautiful woman. She comes under your spell right away.
  • Using the reed bone of an owl, saffron, musk and kumkum, make a tilak. Wear it on your forehead in front of any woman you wish to attract.

To subdue the man you love

You discover your relationship with husband is unfavorable due to his love for a foreign lady. Use the following totke. On Thursday/Friday midnight, trim some of your husband’s hair from the top of his head. Hide the hair in such a place no can see it. Your husband would start loving you instead of the foreign lady. When you are totally satisfied with your husband, burn the hair and dispose it.

To subdue the man or woman alike

  • Use the Sarva Vashikaran Mantra as follows:

“Hrithikin Amuk Chakra Mam Vashishan Kuru Swaha”

On an auspicious Nakshatra date, make a paste with kumkum, saffron and sandalwood. Use this make a picture of a gudiya on a bhoj plate. Then worship the gudiya with Kaner flowers, Gogul, and ghee and chant the mantra 108 times. The desired individual’s name should be used to ensure he/she is subdued.


We conclude here that Vashikaran ke totke should be taken seriously to make everlasting relationships. You should consult an expert who would guide you with the correct online Vashikaran totke.  Vashikaran mantras work temporarily but Vashikaran ke totke is for permanent situations.