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Conflicts can happen in any relationship and one should be alert to find the correct solution on time to escalate the issues. The conflicts can be verbal or mental but you should find out the correct ways to deal with the same.

Always remember that it is part of the relationship and you never have to think something bad or good about it. By taking the necessary steps you can always find the correct solution for the same.

The only thing that you should know is the art of communication with your partner and a healthy way to treat your issues as a common problem. It will give you a better chance to understand each other and your relationship will also go longer and stronger.

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Efforts to find the healthy way

The first thing that you have to do is find a healthy way to resolve the issue and work on the things which are not working between you. Couples should always discuss the issues and decide to resolve the same. For example, going out and exploring a new place together, watching a movie or something like that. You should also do a healthy division of the work to resolve the issues.

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Giving proper respect and space

Never forget that love and respect is the base of every relationship and you have to always accept the same. It means that you should also give it to take it in the relationship. Never forget that arguments are part of your relationship but during that time, you should never forget the basic respect and love for each other.

When you think that another one is crossing the limits, you should tell them to stop without any delay. Make sure that you walk away when your partner is not stopping and continue to misbehave or insult you.

Find the real cause behind the argument

There is always a reason behind the argument; you should try your best to find the real reason behind the same. In most cases, you may not be able to provide for the mental, physical, social, or financial needs of your partners.

You should try to recognize the problem so that you can work on it. There can be many other reasons but you should take the initiative to work on the same. After finding the real reason behind the problem you can start working on it.

For example, your partner may be feeling insecure because you are not giving enough respect and care. In that situation, you can start giving respect and love to your partner and things will start working out.

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Expect less and respect mutual decisions

Relationships need respect and care from both sides and one person alone cannot do anything to nourish it.  Therefore, many things can be there where you are failed to conclude. It is better to drop that issue for a while and give time to each other to understand.

You should set the priorities in the relationship and give proper time to work on it. Always ready to adjust the things and never hesitate to compromise wherever possible because your relationship and partner is important than anything other in life.

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