Best Free Powerful Vashikaran Mantras Online for All Problems

The powerful vashikaran mantras were known since the ancient times. Throughout the ages, people practicing Tantra and Mantra also chant Vaishikaran mantras. There are two major forms of Vashikaran mantras namely Mohini Vashikaran and Kamdeva Vashikaran mantras. 

Methods of Practicing Vashikaran

Thus there are various names identifying them. These include Supari (beetle-nut) Vashikaran, Luang (clove) Mantra Vashikaran, Flower (flower) Bashikaran, Vastra (dress or clothes) Vashikaran. 

Types of Vashikaran Mantras

People chanting the Vashikaran mantras can overcome different life scenarios. Generally, the Vashikaran mantra influences the desired person and attracts him/her towards the one who chants. These mantras work well when the chanter cannot express his/her true feelings to the desired one. The Vashikaran mantra helps the one who wishes his/her lover to return. If one’s lover leaves for another, then chanting the Vashikaran mantra brings back the lover. After conducting the Vashikaran ritual properly, people always achieve unbelievable results. For example, the special woman comes from out-of-no-where and proposes to the man.

The powerful vashikaran mantras are so powerful that an enemy can befriend the person and marry him/her. All marriage disputes can be resolved using Vashikaran mantras for love. People also use Vashikaran mantras for making their bosses less dominating. 

Why use the Vashikaran Mantras?

The Vashikaran Mantras Expert help those who chant them to control others, both men and women. All those surrounding the person chanting the Vashikaran mantra do according to the chanter’s will. The people also like and love those who chant the powerful vashikaran mantras. Here we have discussed top five Vashikaran Mantras for love.

  • First Mantra

“Aum Hum [Add the name of the person] May Vashyam Kuru Swaha”
Chant 21 rosary cycles. Perform the Dashansh Homan after completion of the chanting because it provides Vashikaran powers. One can easily control both genders to get back one’s lost love.

  • Second Mantra

“Aum Hrim Sah”
The above line is an ideal mantra for making someone loves the one who chants. The mantra is most effective when one puts some hair strands of the desired woman one wishes to control. The mantra has to be chanted for a minimum of one lakh times. This should be chanted on Holi or Solar or Lunar eclipse.

  • Third Mantra

“Aumm Kshan Ksham Kshah Sau Hah Sah Thah Swaha”
Chant the above line 21000 times to energies the food. While eating the food, one should wish in controlling the person whose photo or image should be in the chanter’s mind. Soon, the person would be under the chanter’s control and he/she would start obeying the commands.

  • Fourth Mantra

Aum Namo Adi Rupaye [Add the name of the person] Akarshanaam Kuru Kuru Swahaa” Keep the desired person’s photograph in front and chant the above line. The chanter should use some of his/her blood from the finger to write the name of the person on an un-broken Bhojpatra with a Kaner pen. The person of interest would be with the chanter sooner than expected.

  • Fifth Mantra

“Aum Kaam Malini Th Th Swahaa”
First one should mix pure Molasses and the Pit of any fish.  After completing the ritual, one should wear a tikka on one’s forehead.


The write-up discusses the Vashikaran Mantras and practices for love as practiced by the Tantra and Mantra. Among st Muslims there are also special Vashikaran mantras for love.