Love Marriage


Love Marriage has become more popular in the modern era than it was in the past. Most youngsters are confused if they should go in for love marriage or arranged marriage. The answer to the question is in the science of Astrology and horoscope.

What is horoscope?

Astrology is the study of the positions of the planets of our solar system, Rahu, Ketu, sun and moon. The positions of these astral bodies during the birth-time, birthplace and birth-date influence the individual’s life. Generally, an expert astrologer can calculate and create the birth chart or horoscope. The astral bodies that influence the human life are chalked out in various houses. On seeing the horoscope, astrologers can understand the past and predict the future.

How to read love marriage horoscope?

The two main planets that influence the love marriage of a person are Venus and Mars. The male horoscope refers to the Venus that is called Karaka. While in the female horoscope, there is the presence of Mars. In love marriage horoscope, Venus or Mars has to be sitting in certain house.

Importance of the planets in the houses

Love Marriage occurs when Moon, Sun, Lagna (Ascendant), Mars and Venus co-exist in the 7th house. Love marriage horoscope should have Venus in the 7th position. The man always marries the woman he wishes and loves. Those who have no Venus in the 7th position always have difficulties finding the right love partner.
Venus in the 5th house determines romance and the 7th house predicts desire (Kama in Sanskrit). Generally, people having Venus in 5th, 7th, or 11th houses are generally very loving and caring. However, the Lagna or Ascendant shows the real personality.
Venus in the 11th house predicts new relationships and attraction of the opposite gender. When there is co-existence of Venus and Rahu in the 5th house, lots of new relationships occur. Depending on the situation of the 7th house, the individual might marry one of them.
When there is co-existence of Venus and Moon in the 7th house, the individual is romantic. There is certainly love marriage horoscope for the individual. Yet, there might be influence based on the other factors. These include presence of ignition, weak or out of action planets.
When the 2nd house Lord exists in 7th house or 11th house, there is marriage. If there is any correctly and strongly placed Venus in the 5th house, then there is love marriage.
When Lord, Venus and Saturn co-exist in the 7th house, the individual always goes for love marriage.

Positions of planets for no love marriage

Horoscopes of individuals show Venus, Saturn and Rahu in 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, and 11th houses. These individuals get physically attracted and enjoy sex but, at the end they never marry.
In the female chart, if Taurus moon exists, then the woman marries conventionally but, may have extramarital affair.

Best is to approach an expert astrologer and request him to read your love life. The astrologer would first use your birth details and create your horoscope of birth chart. The horoscope has planets of the solar system, moon, sun, and more sitting in houses. Reading love marriage horoscope is not easy so leave it to the astrologer to explain.

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