Kalpa Vigraha

Kalpa Vigraha is an ancient idol that was said to be found in Nepal originally. Earlier it was believed that it is the ideal that belongs to Lord Shiva of the Hindu religion. However, after a deep analysis of the shape people found that it is Lord Vishnu. On the one hand, one can find the Sudarshan chakra which is the weapon of Vishnu.  Shell or Shankh is there on the other hand which proves that it is the idol of the Lord Vishnu.

What Kalpa Vigraha is famous for?

The first surprising factor about the idol is its actual age. After conducting many tests it was found that the idol is nearly 28000 years old which is a shocking factor. It is so because the oldest known civilization that human beings have found till the date is only 6000 years old. But the aging test has proven the factor that Kalpa Vigraha is older than the known ancient civilizations.

What is the mystery of Kalpa Vigraha?

Many officials of world-class universities have proven that this particular ancient idol has some great medical properties. The next amazing factor is the age of the particular idol. We have nothing so old from the prehistoric age. Therefore, you will find it quite amazing that even the most expert people have the same conclusion about the idol. It is said to be the oldest Hindu idol.

What else was found with the Kalpa Vigraha?

You will notice one interesting factor that one manuscript was found with Kalpa Vigraha. With the help of its power, one can gain the age of 100 years or more as it is a legend about the Kalpa Vigraha. Therefore, many people are searching about this. Some people believe that it was kept safely in the museum of the United States but later on it was stolen and brought back to India. However, till now bodies know about the actual location of Kalpa Vigraha. It is said that one should drink the water which is prepared by Kalpa Vigraha. After nine days the water gets some magical properties that enhance the overall life expectancy of human beings. Many microbiologists have searched about the same and last time its manuscript was found with one microbiologist.

Why we cannot read the manuscript which was found with the Kalpa Vigraha?

It is said that many interesting things are attached to the Kalpa Vigraha. One manuscript was found with the Kalpa Vigraha which has an ancient language. Decoding this particular language is not possible for anyone because it is written in the pre-historical language.

What is the description of Kalpa Vigraha?

Kalpa Vigraha is said to weigh around 47.10 grams and is made of crude brass. Some people believe that shape of this particular idol resembles lord Shiva and some believe that it is anyhow related to Lord Vishnu. However, this 5.3 cm tall and 4.7 cm wide idol has a strong presence in the mind of people because of the power to give long life.

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