How to Remove Shani Dosha?

Hindu dharma has many Gods and goddesses. One of them is Shani, and it is said that there are some astrological reasons why you suffer from the Shani dosha. The planetary position of Saturn in your birth chart decides the impact of money on your entire kundali. In case of any dosha, you may have many sufferings in life, and therefore some astrological remedies are highly recommended to the individuals going through the Shani dosha.

Determine the Shani dosha

The first thing that you should do is get the services of an astrologer to find out whether you have the Shani Dosha in your birth chart or not. Therefore, you should also know that there are two types of chutney dosha one lasts for two and half years, and the second one goes on for seven years.

You should know that the person might suffer highly during this period because Lord Shani will be giving you malefic effects because of the karmas of previous birth. Therefore, one should be very careful in this matter and take the astrological remedies seriously for the right time.

Remedies to remove Shani dosha

 There are many types of remedies that you can consider to remove the Shani Dasha from your life. For this, you should start reciting the Hanuman Chalisa and read it as much as you can during the day. It would help if you especially read the Hanuman Chalisa on some auspicious days.

These days include Tuesday and Saturday, and you should never skip reading the Hanuman Chalisa. It is better to take the Sankalp or oath to read the Hanuman Chalisa. It is seen that people usually get good results when they read the Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday and Saturday.

Fasting on Saturday

 Fasting has its importance in Hindu dharma, and therefore many people believe that by fasting on Saturday, you can get rid of the minor fixed effects of Saturn. Shani Sade Sati will have a negative impact,

and therefore you should take positive remedies to eliminate the adverse effects of Shani Sade Sati on your life. It will be better to start fasting on Saturday, and you should fast on at least 51 Saturdays. During fasting, you can only eat Khichdi, which is prepared with rice and dal.

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 Giving out charities and donations

 The following remedy that you can take into account is giving out charities and donations. With the help of the right charities, you can undoubtedly get the blessings of Lord Saturn, and it will eliminate the negative impact of Saturn planet in your birth chart. You should choose some particular items for making donations on Saturdays.

It can be blue or black clothes or a blanket. The connection that you can donate is black gram and black sesame seeds. One can also contribute iron articles of leather. If possible, you can also donate black cows or buffalo. Make sure that you present this item to only poor and needy people.

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