How to get lost love back

How to Get Lost Love Back in 24 hours

Marriages break up due to misunderstanding and argument and later regretted. People living far away from each other settle with another. Your love brings bliss and positive energies but, suddenly leaves you for whatever reason. Your only desire in life is to bring your love back.

Here are few suggestions.

Perfect ways to get the love back

If you want your happiness of your love life, then contact the experts. Some of them can advise you to get back your lost love within 24 hours. These experts believe in positive vibes of super natural power.

Expert astrologers prepare professional birth-charts using birth-date, birth-time and birth-location. The birth-chart shows positions of planets, stars, sun, and moon that impact the life of individual. Astrology is the study of tracking movements of celestial bodies, influence of cosmic energies on lives. Experts in astrology study birth-chart and resolves issues any individual faces in life.

Since ancient times in India, sages and saints used Vashikaran mantras for various purposes.  Vashikaran mantras control mind, emotions, thoughts and actions of the individual you are interested in. Babjis are experts of Astrology and Vashikaran ritual and mantras. They consult your birth-chart and provide suitable ritual and mantra.

Steps on how to get lost love back?

1. Select Work Area: Select a quiet and lonely space where you can decorate with candles, pictures and others.

2. Light candles and incense: Burn some candles and light incense where you would pray.

3. Days To Execute The Ritual: You can perform on Friday, the day for Venus. Hour when you perform is also very important.

4. Meditation: Calm your mind and meditate on how to bring lost love in relationship.

5. How To Bring Back Lost Love In Marriage Spell:

– Use two pieces of yellowish coloured paper – one for lover’s picture. Another for picture of you and lover spell free is hugging each other.

– On both the papers, write lover’s name and his mother’s name.

– Using rose and sandalwood smoke, slowly burn both pictures. Chant as follows.

– “Star of love that is burning so bright. Bring me the one I love tonight. Unite my love and make it mine, as I want it, mote it be.”

– Imagine blue light absorbing the papers. Enclose it with the pink piece of cloth. Tie it in a shady area where it can move with the wind.


In this above article, we have discussed how to get lost love back in 24 hours. You can use the guidance provided here and/or consult Shastri ji for astrology and Vashikaran ritual and mantra.

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Suresh Kumar Shastri ji brought my lover back when all other vashikaran and love solution experts failed. Truly Suresh Kumar Shastri ji has good knowledge of astrology and vashikaran. I had contacted many vashikaran and astrologer to bring my lover back, he left after living with me for 5 years and started living with another woman. What they usually promise and fail in the end.

I was going on the road. And a lady was sharing this hand some paper so I collected one and in that paper it was about Suresh Kumar Shastri ji who brought back her husband and in hand paper she said that she is sharing hand bill to raise awareness He has said that still as a way of thanking the real Vashikaran Specialist and great astrologer Suresh Kumar Shastri ji. So contacted her and within 72 hours my life changed the whole story My boyfriend who left for no reason came back. I thank Shastri ji

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