Dattatreya Sadhana Mantra

If you feel attracted to a person, this mantra can help you. Worshipping GURU Dattatreya is of chief importance in Navnath Sampradaya. They follow the teachings of l Rishi Dattatreya. Rishi Dattatreya is a combined avatar of the holy trio of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. Guru has the combined qualities of all three divine forces. He is worshipped as the guru of the Gurus. Guru Dattatreya is the vital guru of all three gurus. By worshipping Lord Dattatreya and making them happy, your work easier will be helpful for you in each way by taking blessings of lord DATTATREYA.

Remedies with Dattatreya Sadhana Mantra

  • Dattatreya Sadhana Mantra helps us to make a person feel attracted towards us by worshipping them nicely.
  • The Sadhaka or a professional (a student of tantras) has to recite the Dattatreya Mantras Sadhana daily.
  • For making someone attracted, this mantra is the most potent and working mantra that can be easily practice and can help you. 
  • This mantra can help anyone who is facing this kind of problem in their life.
  • A skilled and professional Tantrik can help you cope with this.

How to practice it?

The person who wants to follow this has to recite Dattatreya Sadhana Mantra 108 times daily for at least 108 daily for 48 days. The best time to practice this mantra is during sunrise or sunset. This must be start on a full moon day (Purnima). The sadhana has to use Lord Dattatreya’s photo and must be sitting and facing east direction. The rosary bead is made up of tulsi, rudraksha, or clear quartz crystal. The mantra that has to be recited:

Om hraam hreem hroom guru dattatreya namah…


The natives have to offer sweets such as Pongal, made up of rice boiled with milk and sugar as food offerings, also known as Naivedyam with the chanting of Dattatreya Sadhana Mantra. The practicing who is practicing also has to offer any flowers, whether roses, sunflowers, tulips, etc. They can also provide candies. Lord Dattatreya becomes very happy from these offerings and gets blessings from lord Dattatreya. 

For maximum benefits

The sadhak imparting siddhis practicing should recite Dattatreya Sadhana Mantra 108 times daily without any single daybreak for getting maximum results. While reciting, the practician should repeat it with a clean and pure heart without any distraction to make lord Dattatreya happy and shower their blessings on you. In return, one should not think about any award as their blessings will only come when they are so glad about your prayers.

Use of Dattatreya Mantra for maximum benefits

This mantra helps the sadhaka to get attraction from the person. This is a potent and working mantra from the tantric field. Dattatreya sadhana is all about worshiping Lord Dattatreya and getting its results within some time. The practicing has to devote themselves to the prayers of lord Dattatreya entirely without any outer distractions, and the lord will handle the rest of the problems. This can only happen when you pray Dattatreya Sadhana Mantra wholeheartedly without greed for anything. Make them happy, and they will shower their blessings on you by making the person attracted to you in the way you want just by prayers and discipline.

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