Baglamukhi Vashikaran mantra


These Baglamukhi Vashikaran mantras help to resolve life’s issues including subduing husband, wife, girlfriend and boyfriend. Getting back lost love, remove any misunderstanding between husband and wife and more. In addition, these mantras play a vital role in career success and concentration in studies. 

Various Mantras and Benefits

  • Original Baglamukhi Vashikaran mantra:Om Hre Buglakami Read All the Wicked People”
  • To get rid of fear:Facing south and using six Rudrakshas chant the mantra: “Oh, all of the victims are not the victims.” Thereafter, offer a yellow garment and turmeric to the Goddess.
  • Mantra to destroy ancestral enemy:The mantra is for a person trapped in the judicial or police system due to the enemy’s fury. When the mantra is chanted, the enemy vanishes and happiness prevails in life. Keeping the statue or picture of the Goddess in front, offer several coconuts wrapped with black clothes. Burn the Gogul to get fumes. Face the west and chant the following 5 rosas. “Oh boglukumu devyai hali hrin klein shatru nashan kuru”
  • Mantra for successful results in examination: There is tough competition starting from school to college and even in the professional world. There is a mantra that enhances concentration and inspires people to succeed in life. Before chanting the mantra, burn the entire lamp in front of the picture of the Goddess. Offer Besan halwa. Facing east, chant the given mantra at least 8 times. “Om Hriday Hain Baallumukhu Deewai Hali Safalin Dehi Dehhi Swaahah”
  • Increase the physical and mental ability:Chant the seven mala for this mantra. Use yellow colored posture and offer yellow flowers, incense, turmeric, saffron, sandalwood yellow water. Feed fish and birds to please the elderly. Facing the east, five times chant the mantra: “Om Hily, Hily Brahvidya Swatanti Swaah”. At the end, feed the poor, Brahmins and sages.
  • For protecting children: Use six grains and point towards the west while chanting the mantra: “Om Hah Hali Baglukhya Deewai Karmaran Rakshak Rakshak 

Rituals to Achieve the Right Benefits

Happiness and wealth: Use milk mixed with sesame seeds while chanting to acquire wealth and happiness. For children’s happiness, use Ashoka/Kaner leaves for havan.
Remove Illnesses: Prepare the potter’s chalk with roasted soil, roasted rice, wood, and honey or sugar.
To get rid of enemies: In order to remove negative influence of enemies hug mogul and sesame seeds. To neutralist your enemy make a havan with hartal, salt and turmeric.
Win over your desire one: Use honey and sesame seeds/mustard seeds.
Worship by elderly: In general, the picture of the Goddess should be kept in front facing East on a deck. Use hexadecimal method to worship and use all yellow coloured garments, asana, rosary, incense, flowers and fruits. Follow Brahmacharya by sleeping on the ground, not speaking much and associating with any gardening machine. Depending on the minds of the worshipper, one has to follow certain methods. For seeking peace face north, for acquiring wealth face west, for erection face east, for malice face southwest, for uprooting face northwest and for assault face fire angle.   


Baglamukhi Vashikaran mantras chanting always have good positive results. However, one should follow the rules and regulations including suggested rituals. Thus, one can lead a happy, successful and prosperous life.

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