What is Kuja Dosha? What Does Kuja Dosha impact in married life?

Kuja Dosha is also known as mangal dosha in the birth chart of the native. It can put a negative impact on the married life of the users. However, in astrology, it is known that the planet mars are responsible planet for the same. Natives must seek the correct astrological remedies to resolve the issue.

It is said that when the mars planet is placed in the first house of the birth chart, it creates Mangal Dosha. However, as per astrology, Mars planet is also creating courage, strength, and power for the users.

Kuja dosha and married life

One should know that kuja dosha mainly put a negative impact on the marital life of the users and give a bad impact. Kuja dosha is also known as the mangal dosha or bhom dosha when planet mars are in different houses like the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house.  You should know that mangal dosha or kuja dosha put a very negative impact on the given houses and creative inauspicious conditions for the native.

Checking the birth chart for kuja dosha?

Most natives prefer to match the birth charts before marriage. However, planet mars are a major issue when it is not in a favorable condition and provide a negative impact. Never forget that planet mangal is counted among the most powerful planet. Mangal can put a strong impact on life and give fortunes to the users when giving positive results.

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The negative impact of kuja dosha on marriage

One should understand that kuja dosha can put a very bad impact on the married life of the native. At the time of marriage, people particularly check the mars position in the birth chart to know about the compatibility with users.

For the success of a married native should check the 7th house of the marriage is responsible for the happiness in marriage life. When it is badly affected by mars it can put malefic effects and there will be serious problems for the husband and wife. After the marriage, the constant fight can be there in family life.

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Serious issues with malefic effects of kuja dosha

The kuja dosha can be very bad for the after-married life. It can bring verbal, physical, and emotional attacks from the users and one should be very careful in this context. It is better to seek the proper remedies to resolve the issue and gain positive impacts in life.

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How to get rid of the ill effects of Kuja dosha?

Always remember that person with this particular dosha should take the necessary steps based on the birth chart. It is believed that some common remedies can be very beneficial.

One should get married after 28 years of age because after this age the ill effects reduce significantly. You can also seek a partner with the same kuja dosha that you have in your kundli or birth chart. You should also chant the Hanuman Chalisa every day to reduce the effects. One should keep fasting on Tuesday and offer special prayers to planet mars.