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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1- Customers are supposed to accept the terms and conditions to have the benefits of our services. We provide different services for the acceptance of the customers through our website.

2- Customers only need to pay when they use the services provided on our website.

3- Completion of the payment is the necessary term to get the eligibility or right to use the services provided by our website. After the completion of the payment, the customers can have the right to use the website.

4- During the usage of services, if there is any additional payment or free is applicable, it is the sole responsibility of the service users to make the payment in this context. The customer is responsible for the additional charges taken by the bank or payment channel to complete the transaction.

5- Completing the payment will be considered only when the financial transaction is paid in full, and there is no pending amount for the service charges. In case of any pending amount, the financial transactions cannot be said to be complete.

6- Website is not responsible for the non-completion of the payment transaction due to the failure of the network or any other reason that may be applicable. In no circumstances will our administrative officer or the owner be responsible for the situation upon completion of the transaction.

7- By making the payment for the services, all the users are also giving us consent and agreement about the time mentioned for this service. Our website or administrative department is not responsible for delays in the services or short timing because of natural disasters or calamities, enemy attacks, or actions. Additionally, there can be several other reasons that are not in the control of service providers, administrators, or website owners.

8- Our website is not bound to take any step or initiative to take the measurements for the refund of the amount when the service charges are deducted to the users’ account but not received by us due to unsuccessful transaction or failure of the transaction of payment channel. Customers can take the initiative and ask for a refund of the payment from the payment channel. In case of any loss of payment our business house, the administrative department will be responsible for it.

9- Protecting any financial or other data is the complete responsibility of the users, and they should take preventive measures. Our parties, which can include the administrator or owner and the payment service providers, cannot be held responsible for any loss of the data, or money or money related information due to the mistake of the users, corruption, late or delay, corruption, or any interruption of any data.

10- Our Website administration department has all the right to make the necessary amendments in terms of the services without any prior notification at any time. It is the sole responsibility of the service users to read the terms and conditions carefully before using the services. Customers should notice the update in the terms and conditions of the services from time to time and use the services wisely.

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