Privacy Policy

Vashikaran Privacy PolicyWe at Vashikaran give our best efforts to protect your information. On a serious note, we are confined to it. The details can be regarding name, age, identity, birth, etc. We understand the need for privacy in today’s world. A secure environment is needed for carrying out different services on our website. This is also to establish a good relationship with our visitors. Vashikaran can provide you with many tips for a good future and we are concerned about the security. Some of the points we keep in mind at :

  • We guarantee the privacy for the name, identity, birth details, or any such at our website. Now, one can get all the needed information while keeping the privacy. This is all under a secure environment and legal regulatory. We are highly concerned about the same and try to protect information by keeping it encrypted.
  • At the same time, we do guarantee that no indirect or direct use will be made by Vanshikaran. All the predictions and matches are kept encrypted and will be only known to the user. Even, we don’t keep a record of your information for us.
  • We also allow different users or members who can access the profiles or information. This is done to look for a match on our website. Other credentials are kept private by Vashikaran.
  • The personal information that is kept private is registration data, log files, cookies, IP address, order forms, etc.
  • There may be some link present on our website for another website but Vashikaran is not responsible for the privacy of any other websites.
  • Also, the information regarding payment procedures is not collected by us. It is controlled under third party payment gateways.

So, hereby confirm to keep your data safe and secure. We don’t let your privacy go anywhere.

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