How to Predict Child Birth from a Horoscope According Astrology

Parenthood is a beautiful experience, and you should always find out the proper solution when you want to have a baby in life. Well, you can also take the help of the horoscope and get the right results. Remember that with the use of the right services, you can always make a big difference. However, finding the same with the horoscope is impossible for everyone, and you may need expert services. There are some exclusive tips and tricks by which you can predict childbirth from a Horoscope.

Know about childbirth

You should know that a particular situation on the planet can tell you about childbirth in advance. With the help of the proper studies, you can undoubtedly make a big difference and bring positive changes in your life. 

One should know that Adana Lagna is responsible for the eight months of the pregnancy. Whenever this particular Lagna is badly affected, it can also cause complications during the pregnancy. Therefore, one should be careful in this context and use the maximum outcome with it. 

Study of the horoscope of a couple

You should also know that you must study the chart carefully when you are trying to find out about the pregnancy. With the right sort of services, you can achieve perfection in work and have beautiful results. We will be offering you the right benefits, and therefore, you should never ignore the fact that you can gain perfection with the right sort of services. 

Pitra dosha

In many situations, you will find that due to pitra dosha, many sorts of complications may occur. Therefore, you should be careful in this context and ensure that everything is going in the right direction. With the help of correct services, one can have beautiful results. 

Positions of different planets

Positions of different planets in the birth chart can also be responsible for having the child at the right time. You should know that the power of the 2nd, 10th, and 5th house is also responsible for the birth of a child at the right time.

If you are planning to have a male baby, you should study the position of the Sun and Jupiter in the chart of the native. Mercury e is responsible for the female child in the birth chart, and therefore if you are looking forward to having the female child, you should go through it. 


The next thing that you should notice is the numbers in the date of birth. Individuals who have one and three on the date of birth have more chances of getting the blessing of a male child.

On the other hand, the native may give birth to a girl child when 2,5,6 numbers are present on the birth date. Seven and nine numbers represent the miscarriage and caesarian. However, if you want to go into the deep study of the astrological science factors of your birth chart, you should use the specialized services. With the special services, you can gain perfection and have beautiful results.