Vedic Astrology

How Vedic Astrology Works to Make your Life Better

 Being one of the oldest methods of predicting what future has in its store for you, evaluating the mysteries of the past, make you aware of your various possibilities in your life, Vedic Astrology plays a vital role in the Indian Astrological studies.

 Vedic Astrology is an ancient way to study your entire life through the calculations of planetary movements and motions. It suggests which planet is going to affect you in what way? So, if Saturn is making an advance in Libra or Gemini this summer how will that affect you, will that be good or bad? And if it’s going to have wrong consequences how you’re going to be saved?

 A profound astrologer with his vivacious knowledge of astrology knows the remedy that have come to us from centuries back taken out right from the Vedas that suggest performing holy rituals, chanting holy mantras, prayers, recitations, and telling the beads.

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 When you approach a well learned and well experienced astrologer with your troubles and tribulations all messing up your life with hundreds of disappointments, and equally large number of complications in relations, job, managing finances, and so on, the astrological guru, as the learned man is called in the parlance of Vedic art, goes through your horoscope or kundali and does the calculations based on planetary movements exclusively for you.

 On the basis of which then he suggests you offering of poojas (various prayers), chanting of mantras and recitations, certain offerings and remedies and all your troubles get sorted out. You then have a wonderfully happy life just the way you always wanted it to be!!

Pandit S.K.Shastri Ji

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