7 Rules of Astrology for Getting Married Happy Living Life

Astrology is a powerful science which is being used by the human civilization since ancient time. You can easily get many answers to your problems of the life as it also study the past life which is reflected by the various planetary positions in your birth chart. We are going to explain seven rules of astrology for getting married happy living life.

You should always trust on the remedies and solutions which are provided by the astrology to make them work for you. Never forget that positive vibes are released from the remedies of astrology and Vashikaran which are being used by the Vashikaran specialist and astrologer experts.

7th House of birth chart

You should know that for the happy married life it is necessary to know the exact position of various planets in your 7th House of birth chart. Never forget that the seventh House of the birth chart is a closely connected with the all marriage related information.  By looking at the condition of seventh house one can easily tell about your married life. 

The next important point that one should consider is the position of Venus in the birth chart. Other most important auspicious planet for the happy married life is Jupiter and Mercury. You should also consider the positions of moon which is again a powerful and important planet for the happy married life. 

Remedies of Auspicious planets

There are some inauspicious planets which can also hamper the happiness of your love life and married life. In this list you can include sun and Saturn. Mars and Rahu, Ketu are the next most important in auspicious planets that you should study to know about married life happiness. 

Astrologer services for planet correction

Only an expert astrologer can tell you the proper remedies that you should perform as per the positions of these planets to get happiness in your married life. Pundit Suresh Kumar is one of the most prominent names in the world of astrology and you should always consider taking the services whenever you are in the doubt.

Shiva and Parvati sadhna

Shiva and parvati are considering one of the most important and powerful Hindu god and goddess for the marriage. In many situations it is seen that couples who used to fight every day got peace and love in the life after the sadhna of Shiva and parvati.  It is better to do the Shiva Chalisa on a regular basis in front of the idols.  You should also visit the Shiva temple on regular basis and ask for the blessings. 

Never forget to ask the blessings from goddess Parvati for a happily married life.  In this way you will be able to find that things will start working in your married life and you will be able to find the happiness.  Even if there is any Dosha in the birth chart you should do the sadhana according to that. It is necessary to ask the proper procedure and methods of doing the sadhana from the Vashikaran specialist.

Jupiter remedies for happy marriage

Jupiter is one of the most important planets that are responsible for the married life.  A malefic Jupiter can create several problems in your married life. Therefore you should seek the positive remedies as for the astrology to resolve the problem of your Jupiter position in birth chart.  Take turmeric fingers and tie them into yellow threads.

Now take the entire bundle of turmeric fingers in your hands and start chanting the mantra on this rosary. ||Om namo bhagwate vasudevaye|| now take this rosary to the temple of Hindu God Vishnu and offer him. In this way you will be able to get rid from any ill effect of malefic Jupiter in your birth chart. 

A to all Bhajans

Astrological remedies to stop fights in couples

In many situations so things can get worse and you may see that frequent fights are happening among the husbands and wives. In that particular situation you should start taking the steps and take the astrological remedies to resolve the issues.

When you see that the frequent fights are happening and nothing seems to be working it is better to follow this astrology rule.  Whenever you are going to bed it is necessary to keep a camper under your pillow. Early in the morning you should burn that camper.

This is a powerful astrology rule which seems to resolve all the problems between the husband and wife. You will notice that things are getting sorted out between the couples and they are leading a happy married life again.

Visiting Temple every Friday

The next to astrological rule that you should follow is the visiting the Temple of Lord Vishnu or Lakshmi Narayan. You should always do it on every Friday. Never forget to offer some sweets and two roses. Ask for the prayers and better relationship in the married life. You should sit there and spend some time in dhyan and sadhana. In this way it is believed that when you do it from the bottom of your heart with complete believe, you will find very good results and you are married relationships will be working. You will be able to see the positive side of your spouse.

Correct the bedroom

Bedroom and its position in the house can also play a major role. You should always know that pictures of god and goddess should not be placed in the bedroom. It can create a trouble in the life of husband and wife. Therefore, it is better to keep the bedroom free from any religious pictures. 

No Mirror in bedroom

As for the astrology you should never place a mirror in the bedroom as it will create a trouble among the husband and wife. It is better to cover the mirror if you cannot replace it. It will stop many issues among the husband and wife. Therefore you should always cover the mirror if there is any in the bedroom. You should try your best to change the place of mirror and do not put any mirror in the bedroom at all for the good results.